What if you decided to go for that haircut you wanted?

I was having a rare bad hair day… or shall I say a bad morning, as what I have scheduled had changed over and over again. I looked myself in the mirror and said:”Why not? My long hair don’t serve me anymore. Let’s go for a Cleopatra style.”

Lately, I have been going through a lot of esoteric changes in my thinking, trying to change my rituals and thus my overall life. Chanel has been all over my head with her quotes scattered in the book I am writing and a quote caught my attention: “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

What if now is the time to change my life AND my haircut? Without any delay, I went to my hairstylist for the first time in years with no magazine picture in my hands. I told him what I wanted and snip,snip, snip a few minutes later my eyes popped out and a new mysterious lady was looking at me in the mirror. I liked me. I knew my conservative environment would disapprove, but I did not care and that realization gave me a sense of freedom. And I was glad that I was wrong. So far, my new haircut is liked and applauded by many.

Life is too short and hair do grow. Just go and do it. I wish you feel as liberated as I did.



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