What if you kept receiving “no” for an answer?

So, I want to work with this company. I want to work there badly! It is the largest in entertaining people. I first approached it trying to get a place as a character. It appeared that they were hiring for different positions. (Even though nothing in the advertisement had prepared us for it). I wanted to be a a certain character but, apparently, I was in the wrong hiring company.  Mind you I did tried on that one as well, when the opportunity came dancing and hoping all around and having fun only to listen to another “no”.

That first interview did not gave me the pass I wanted. I left the place so happy, but with a bad feeling as the recruiter kept her notes close to her chest noting down things as if she was listening to two spies as she was interviewing. I tried two more times but to no avail. I even tried a new field of profession just to have the experience they wanted.

The third time, this year, when I received a “no”, I decided to act upon it. I sent an email answering to the points they expressed in their answer to my application as inappropriate. I never got an answer back.

I decided to overcome the obstacle and attend the interviews anyway. I decided to go the second day. I had a minor problem. I did not know to which central hotel they held the interviews. On the first day I was lucky enough to see some postings of the hotel’s conference room at the company’s twitter account. I googled all the conference rooms of central hotels in Athens and voila… I found my holly grail; only to find out that the hiring personnel had decided to finish the interviews in one day instead of the two the company had initially advertised…

When I stayed in U.S. I learnt a lot of valuable things. One of the stories that stuck with me was that of Walt Disney, declined by 302 bankers. If he had quit nobody would have seen the wonderful worlds he created around the globe. Sometimes though there is a twist of bad luck that you can not change; a factor you can not control. So in these hours, another motto comes to mind “Always focus on the things you can change and not on the things you can’t.”  I am sure another “yes” is hiding somewhere in the future…


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