What if your colleague knew the job, and you didn’t?

This summer brought out the best of me. I worked as a barista of a coffee place and a receptionist. I had absolutely no idea about how to make a coffee or a cocktail; I drink neither. But my beautiful, taller, amazingly speaker of French and a bundle of energy colleague Irene knew everything.

It was quite frustrating at the beginning, as I do want to make the best of my day wherever I am, whatever I do and I seemed like a fish in the water. What took Irene 1 minute of a job, it took me 10 times. Thank God, a few years ago, I made a promise to be kind to myself and love me very much. So I put the facts down, and I decided one thing; on my shift the customers are going to have the best service they could possibly have and if I did not make it I would use humour and a huge smile on my face to work things out.

To my surprise, people on holidays, do not mind that much about mistakes as long as you exude positive energy. I genuinely loved all the people who passed by the hotel, even the difficult ones. I asked Irene several times, and all the other receptionist about everything, even the most annoying little thing and in the end I did have some laughs with customers that keep my thoughts warm in the cold winter I am about to face.

So, if your colleague knew the job and you didn’t, all you have to do is ask things around and make a point to learn the job. Remember to be appreciative! Thank you Irene Paraskevakis!



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