What if you had an inspiring boss?

I feel very lucky when it comes to jobs. My career started teaching for a wonderful employer; Maria Micha Theodoridou. She was my teacher, second mother and has been working as a mentor many times in my life ever since. Her working ethos worked as a compass in all the jobs that I had through 18 years. Every time I went on an interview, I was searching for the same qualities I found in her work. And it wasn’t until this summer that I was able to say I finally found a professional with the same ethos.

His name is Sotiris Goniotakis. He is the general manager of Almyrida Resort. I do not know what kind of a man would hire someone who said at the interview “Well, that would make my father happy, as he always said how are you going to find a man if you do not learn how to make nice Greek coffee. ” when he asked me whether I knew how to make one. Well, he must have had good instinct, because he did hire me and I have been working like crazy to prove his choice right, even though I was found in the oddest situation in my life. Too many diplomas looking like a pile of papers, while I faced the ultimate challenge standing in front of me each single day; the coffee.

But, I felt so supported, so trusted, so honoured for his accepting me the way I was, that I gave my 100%. I learnt how to smile embracing all my gaffs and moved on. Surrounded by nature and lovely colleagues helping people leave from our hotel with a smile gave me tremendous joy. As I watched all the employees of this man, mentioning his name with respect and love, I knew I was in the right hands…

It is difficult to create a team that cares, but Sotiris revealed the secret each single day; he cared about his guests, his place, and his employees. If you said one thing that needed to be fixed one day, it was magically fixed the next one. No wonder, when I lost my father, the same team had been a wonderful support and safety net upon my departure and arrival.

I can’t thank you enough…

Sotiris is the kind of employer that says “How are you feeling today?
“Thank you”.”I appreciate what you have done for me”… and if needed he will be there helping even if it is washing the dishes for a while.

So if it happens you get one of those employers, stay with them;  for you will learn a lot next to them and will make each one of your days feeling grateful and appreciated. If you have been searching for this kind of an employer, keep going. Do not settle for anything that you do not deserve.





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