What if you start your day writing about all the things that you are grateful for?

Once upon a time… a long long time ago… I used to nag about everything. Slowly but steadily I said to myself that this attitude does not bring me any positive change so I tried to figure out to substitute my negative habit with a positive one.

I was lucky. I fell upon many books talking about gratitude. It wasn’t until I went to Niki Anandi Koulouri, my coach, who talked about her habit; writing each day a page full of things that she was grateful for. Whenever I start my day with this, I feel like light beams come out from me; as if I build a shield and nothing can harm me.

It really makes my day, because I realize that God knows better for all the things He gives me and all the things he takes from me. My job is to make the best of each day I have in my hands.


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