What if you changed jobs in the mid of your contract?

We tend to believe that when we sign a business contract we need to honour it to the core even when difficulties make us want to quit. We believe that if we do leave we will be characterized weak, unprofessional or much worse we wont’be able to find a new job. So we tend to remain in our positions like small little mice afraid to go out in the light out of fear of getting caught.

Well, the thing is we only live once, and since we do not know whether this very day we are living is our last one, we better make a huge step and risk… Risk to live our life to the fullest.

“My child, you can not just leave your job! You will be stigmatized and  you won’t be able to find another job!” “Just stick to it till the end of the season!” Those last phrases came from my parents some months ago. I had gone to the island of Crete and found myself in a small family hotel working as a receptionist. With my usual enthusiasm I overlooked all the things that I did not like, including things that were not mentioned in the interview, and I focused on the positive things. Huge mistake! I was drained and when I started feeling undervalued I asked myself one question. “Girl, how much do you really appreciate and value yourself? Do you show it by staying?” So I decided to use every contact I had and  tried to find another job in the middle of the summer season or get my suitcase and try my fortune in London… As a result I was relocated to the northern part of Crete…

In my new job I felt I was working at a very supportive team from the very first day. I loved the fact that my employer knew what he was doing, he respected the clients and the personnel. I loved the location of the new hotel and aura and the ambiance of it all. I felt like a part of a great team, at the most difficult hour from me; when I lost my father…

So, to all of you who are scared to move forward and stay in a situation that makes you feel unappreciated and undervalued I have this to say… DARE TO LIVE AND LEAVE!



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