What if you became a model in a photo shoot quite unexpectedly?

“The photographers are coming. Please, help them as best as you can.” That was the line I heard from my employer in the morning and off I went… I helped them carrying the decorations, emptying the area of the photo shoot and did what they told me.

“Ok now it is time to do the reception. So, where shall we put you?” the photographer said. Wait a minute! Nobody had told me anything about it. I called my employer in panic. “They want to take my picture. ” “So do you mind? Are you afraid that you want look good?” “Well, today I do not look good and I just wanted to know whether you are informed about it…” “Yes, I am” ok then…

And there I was…I love looking at pictures on magazines or pinterest but being part of the whole procedure seemed unnatural. I felt like a fish out of the water. I prepared myself as best as I could and told the art director. “Let’s do it. I will just follow your instructions.”

I have absolutely no idea why someone would choose that professions, apart from the constant travelling. Nonetheless, if an opportunity like this comes to your life, take it. It felt good to be a model just for a few minutes. Because a model after all is nothing more than a representative of the brand they model for…



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