What if you had an out of the box experience every single day?

“So, I need to tell you this. You are going to make my father happy. Because he always told me that I won’t get married unless I knew how to make coffee to my husband.” That was my response to my potential employer when he suggested that apart from a receptionist, I would have to get the morning bar and that meant making coffee.

Apart from the obvious challenge of not knowing how to make coffee, I also felt short as I do not drink coffee. God knows I have tried. But, I do not like it. Period.

The guy must have seen something in me and hired me. So, I started learning to work in the new reception and learning how to make coffee. I am sure if I asked anybody which job would be harder they would go for the receptionist. Making coffee was though quite challenging. I watched a lot of you tube videos and I also made a manual. Because God it was so hard from me. But, the smile I see on a person who finds pleasure into the drink that I am making makes me happy. Even that drink is coffee and not chocolate.

I have been doing things that challenged my skills, my knowledge and who I am, and I have been loving it! I feel like growing. And I made an important decision. For the rest of my life I will do something out of the box every single day…


P.S For the record. My dad always makes his coffee on his own… Mom, does not drink coffee daily…


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