What if you had to do what scares you the most in this world?

Almost 5 years ago, after reading Brian Tracy’s “Eat that frog” I started writing my myths. In all my myths there is a truth about me, disguised behind eloquent words of the characters. I chose ancient Hellenic myths whose heroines have a strong impact on the story and their strength would be apparent.

However, one myth is very hard to start and finish. I am scared to touch it. I have heard other storytellers saying it, and I keep seeing the famous sculpture by Caravaggio that took my breath away when I first saw a picture of it and it was the cause of searching and learning about the myth; “Eros and Psyche” the myth of the myths.

I know that most people see two naked figures in the sculpture; one of them having wings. I see two figures full of emotion and spirituality, bond in such unearthly way. And yet, the story has such tremendous messages and so much depth that I can hear both characters talking to me. It is insane, but I feel like this story is haunting me.

I need to finish it. So, I solemnly declare that by Monday 23rd of May, 2016, if I am in good health, I will have the myth of the myths finished.

There! I publicly bond myself to finish it… wish me luck!


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