What if you had to keep practicing when everything was against all odds?

“Excuse me sir.. How can I get to the Music Concert Hall? … Only by practice, practice, practice, my young man…”

I do not remember when I first heard that small story, but it has stayed with me ever since. I do not believe in failure. I believe in quit trying; which is why I keep practicing even when everything seems I do it in vain.

Lately, I have moved to Crete, and unfortunately, I left my Capoeira team. It is really hard to practice capoeira here on your own. Capoeira holds its magic when you are with people, as life does. I go to practice on the beach and I have the sea waves opposite me. I start thinking of all my brothers and sisters back in my home in Pireas; and somehow I feel as if we are interconnected and that keeps me going.

I guess in all situations when you have to keep practicing against all odds, there is one common thing; your vision, goal and mission make you keep going…


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