What if your example today set precedence for tomorrow?

One of the greatest reasons why I led a normal balanced life is the fact that I always asked myself before I did something : “Would I like my children to do that?”

I strongly believe that if we all felt our responsibility to shape our future, the world would have been a better place all together. And I also believe that this is the difference between the ancient Greeks and the modern Greeks.

As hectic lives have changed most people’s values,  so did our perception on life. We have gained a sense of urgency as though there is no tomorrow, seeking personal satisfaction right now, right here. “What kind of legacy would that  leave behind, then?” “Am I that strong as to leave an impact if I was to live only for one more day on?”

I love the fact that there are people like Niki Koutsiana, the president of Apivita, a cosmetic company that uses plants of the Greek nature, beehive products and organic essential oils,  who actually set a precedence for something better than they received.

Hopefully, my example in life would be of a person who always followed her heart and mind, and made the best of each single day she lived…


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