What if you suddenly wanted to learn a new language?

Learning a new language holds a lot of challenges. Grammar, syntax, vocabulary and then, that colloquialism  and slang that may alternate the meaning of a conversation entirely make you think twice after you decide to learn a new language.

However, for me a language reveals the civilization of the people who speak it and opens doors to different experiences. A new language challenge the way you speak but, also the way you think.

I happened to have been both, a student and a teacher of a foreign language. And now, I am trying to help myself learning some more and help my students too. I stopped using the conventional method though. Now, I am expecting for myself and my students to start learning dialogues and read even children’s fairy tales in order to be able to grasp a language in a simple meaningful way. I search for ways to connect directly with the culture of the people whose maternal language is the one I want to learn. And in the process I learn some wonderful people and do things I never though I would like wearing a traditional costume of a country I have never even visited. Who knows though? Maybe one day I will…



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