What if you actually had that glass of warm red sangria and the world seemed clearer?

I am not much of a drinker. When others, order beer I get a coke just so I can join the whole drinking ritual. However, if I can have sangria or cider I give it a go.

I do not believe in drink till you drop. But, when a good glass of sangria came to me the other day, I decided to stop my reservations and really enjoy each sip of it. It was marvelous! The barman apologized for the sangria being warm and told me to add some ice. I refused immediately. Its sweet warm taste filled my throat and my senses. Suddenly all the troubles I had seem distant and  one important question that popped up. “So what is really important for me right now?”

If I keep this perspective in life than things are going to run smoothly. Or so I hope so…


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