What if you had to be tested medically unexpectedly?

“So I am the doctor of the company and I came to check up on you guys.” My blood froze in my veins. I could almost hear my heartbeat playing samba. “Eh am I going to be tested like… now?”

Every time I hear of doctors, hospitals and needles, I get sick. I have the image of a 5 and a half year old sitting in a hospital smelling iodine and chlorine and feeling very lonely; almost abandoned. I have certainly grown to feel comfortable with my loneliness ever since, but, hospitals and staff? That is another issue!

So, how do you handle this phobia? Well, I don’t. I just pray and do what is necessary. And what I learnt yesterday actually helped me with making wiser decisions for my health for the future.

You never know what will come up with a medical test, now, do you?…


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