What if you detested cars and you had to sell them?

Well, never say never! Life becomes meaningful facing challenges and lately I feel, I am in a wonderful twirl of twists and turns learning and enriching myself and my skills. One of the things I need to do is dealing with cars. And I am a motorcycle girl. I know in my heart I am, because I feel comfortable around them and on them. On the other hand, cars always made me feel like a fish out of water. The moment I got in, I need to remember a gazillion things just to start the engine and move safely. And the irony of the thing is I have a car driver’s licence and not a motorcycle’s one… Oh well, here is the thing though; I do have to deal with cars right now, at this part of my life.

I thought as I always do in the situations; quit or, learn to enjoy being out of my comfort zone embracing changes and the whole training procedure. All the coaches declare loudly : “Magic happens out of your comfort zone.” And who am I to refuse magic? …


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