What if you received an unexpected gift from someone you know, just because you told them your wish?

I love gallant gestures from people; certain small things that are really important because people show that they actually care, a rare quality nowadays. Well, as it happens I was very fortunate as to receive such a gift the other day.

A certain gentleman comes to our hotel every day. He is all smiles, reserves the table number 5 and has three requests: to be able to listen to his favourite radio station with music from the 50s, to put his beer glass in the fridge and to keep safe his small rose pot that he keeps putting up on the table every single day. On Orthodox Easter day, I was alone in the hotel and Mr. Bryan came in at his regular hour. We had a real nice conversation that covered a lot of topics; from politics and religious affairs to what kind of alcoholic beverages we have. I told him that I love cider and it was unfortunately so difficult to find one here and in most bars.

The next day, he came with a pack of four cans of cider. Now, isn’t that a gentile person or what?…


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