What if you believed someone you cared for had an accident and then suddenly you seem them live and kicking?

Yesterday, I had the fright of my life. I believed that a colleague of mine was involved in a car accident. I was in pure agony and I wanted to cry while I needed to be all smiles as I had guests in the reception. And then, I heard that he was actually ok. I feel really happy in my new job, but those moments that I believed that something nasty had happened to the lad were a big torture.

As it happens I had already experienced losing a colleague suddenly. We had met at a literature and poetry seminar and he was a very sympathetic fella. I heard the news of his death via phone. As I had done when the husband of my dear professor and first employer passed away in an accident. I thought that tragic has stricken again. And it was such a relief when things turned out good. It was like a double rainbow after a hurricane.

A moment that makes you appreciate life even more…



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