What if you spent a week in the countryside and then you had to go back to the city for a short trip?

What a difference sounds can make in one’s life! Imagine living in a city with all the horns and the yelling and the passing by cars when, suddenly, you are placed in surroundings where waves put you to sleep. The soothing natural sounds of the sea and the birds twitting become part of your inner self and you realize that is all you need. People have distanced themselves from nature in the name of civilization, only to find out that civilization is a companionship with earth and its lovely abundance and not a human-made environment that eventually does not serve the people.

Getting back though to the noise and busy life of a city even for a short while can make you appreciate peace and quite once more and realize that city life is not as “normal” as we think. One thing remains; to find out how we  bring back balance.


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