What if you slept listening to the waves and the birds tweeting?

I had been living across a local club; not by choice, but that was what meant to be. I have absolutely no idea whether I would be here, in a Greek island, trying my luck in a totally new area, in a new profession, if things had been different. The clubs (about 5 months ago we got a new addition to the neighbourhood) had made my life a living hell. If I hadn’t capoeira class I do not know how I would have survived sane and healthy.

The nature of humans is resilient though; resilient enough to search for alternatives. With a lot of faith in God and a few good friends I was landed in a Greek island listening to the waves singing their lullaby and putting me to sleep. The result? For crying out loud, I can’t stop smiling. Life is so beautiful when you sleep, your work with good people and you feel loved…


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