What if you had to take three photos you really love with you on a trip?

I recently moved for six months on business purposes and while leaving I wanted to take some pictures.

It is a funny thing. I love my natural family no matter our differences. But, the pictures I wanted to take with me were those of my adopted family; my Capoeira friends. For the last three years I have been doing Capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts that combines teachings of movements, musical instruments and Portuguese;  or that is how it looks like initially. For us, the Capoeira players, it is the essence of life. While practicing Capoeira you have the chance to discover how the world works, how relationships work and how you work in both. You have the chance to discover your limits and study yourself in depth.

So my Capoeira family reminds me what I want to see, what I see and who I am and keeping them on photos close to me makes me be happy wherever I am. I just managed to take one for my trip, but there are dozens I have in my mind and heart.


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