What if you had wrinkles between your eyebrows and you would not like to do botox?


When  I was finally able to reach to a solution I said to myself. “You had enough girl. You need to go some place and relax.” And so I did. I have this secret little place in the heart of Athens, a small park that is filled with pine trees and the moment you enter the smell allures your senses. I took a book with me, but the whole day was so perfect that I just lay down on a bench and caught myself thinking nothing. I was just watching the trees shaping a hallow above me and the sun pipping through. The mind emptied of worries and the only thing I could do was to smile…

When I left I visited another favourite place. There is this new hotel in town, whose owners had the inspiration to have a small fountain coming from a glass floor. You have the chance to watch it from the basement coming to the street on the ground floor. Each time, I just stop and I watch it as a bewildered kid looking an amusement park for the first time. Each time, I want to do one thing; just go and hug the three small fountain of waters. Yesterday, was no different. But, with the image of the trees on my mind and a big smile on my face, I noticed myself in the glass. The wrinkles of worries were no longer there. I felt as if I had discovered the fountain of youth.

Go get in touch with nature.



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