What if you received unkindness from a person you have helped?

Ungratefulness is the milestone for many evils to come; but usually this involves people who feel it and not those who receive it.

I have been unkind to people who helped me. It was usually because I felt too much pressure due to other matters that troubled me and I made the mistake to take the good people for granted. I am so sorry about that. I am also sorry about the fact that I learnt only the last year about the power of gratefulness and the importance of having people, who treat you in a nice way as you would matter for them, very close to you and bless and let go of all the others.

I have also received unkindness from people I helped. In the beginning, I felt sad and angry. And then I realized I was not responsible for their decisions. I am responsible for mine. God bless you and may you find peace…



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