What if you just had a break from the media and went to the nearest forest?

I gave myself a break yesterday ; or at least that was what I thought so. I decided to take my favourite friend and go to a green place at the outskirts of the city and just relax away from media and their bad news, my laptop and anything else that could destruct my peace and quiet. I did take the cell phone though.

Even though the weather was a little bit naughty with clouds coming and going and periodical drizzles we enjoyed our mini excursion. It was as if we had a trip back in time and in the absolute majestic atmosphere of natural surroundings. I even hugged a tree! At a certain point when the cell phone rang and I heard some bad news I realized one thing. Next time cell phones off…

A media free day, helps you rejuvenate and find the important things in life.


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