What if creatures were respectful of one another?

The other day I read a story about how a lioness who had just eaten a mother baboon (http://www.lifebuzz.com/lioness-protects/ ) realized that its victim had a little baby and tried to protect it from two male lions who came to claim it as dessert. The natural chain was there, and yet this other side made me thinking; what if this was an attitude towards each other every single day? Yes, you need to do things to survive. But, you have no need to be 100% the predator around.

Actually respecting each other could make life easier for everybody. Just think of all the people who had to keep their business alive by doing things they do not actually like doing. In the end, they have been called successful and make themselves believe they are while in the process they have forgotten to be respectful to their true self. How sad is that?…



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