What if you were a muse for good news?

I woke up with a lot of things in my mind today. I was at a hospital yesterday. I was good. A relative of mine wasn’t. Seeing my aunt trying to hold on from every hope anyone could give her was the least to say frustrating. But, in the labyrinth of a mind I have, I had some other thoughts as well; terrorists’ bombing in Ankara, refugee crisis in Idomeni, a war in Syria, a crazy man acting like the devil in North Korea, girls kidnapped and dozens of African countries living in terror daily and not even mentioned. And in my mind that man’s voice “Are you going to save the world?”

What if I could? Just one person, one voice that could somehow be so loud that all the world would listen? “Hey, the weapon industries are closing down, all the bad guys are in jail, the mad man was found dead from a heart attach and we all going out to celebrate and dance in the streets, hugging each other!” If only…


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