What if you dressed up “the dark side of love” for one night?

“Has love any dark side?”… I was invited to a masquerade party with the theme of “Eros” =Love. I was quite reluctant to go in the first place; masquerades seem to lose any metre and respect and I have lost any interest  to get dressed up in the past decade. However, I said I would give it a go, but being totally myself behind the masquerade as always.

I tried to visualize the place and I immediately imagined reds and whites. But, a different image kept interfering with my thoughts of the party…There was a different Eros and a different story shown into Ed Sheeran’s “Give me love” ( song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOjdXSrtUxA ) In this story Eros was lonely, so lonely that tried to get out of the shell of her own self and decided to have fun. So what if ? … I started shaping the costume and my story, and my character behind and with the mask.

I dressed up in black, wore my black feathers, my Venetian Harlequin mask and off I went. In the entrance they had this wonderful idea. They gave us a number and told us that everybody would get one. Each number of a person had a small bag with that number on. If we found something interesting to say to someone we could write it in a piece of paper that we could put in the little bag.

🙂 I am sure I made a lot of people smile that night… I also did something very daring for a gentleman who did not get his number. But who can refuse “the dark side of love?”



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