What if you had to argue with a friend?

People are unique. They have their own values, their own thoughts, they act in a different way. It is wonderful when you get the chance to enrich your day with so many personalities and try to find differences and similarities. I love being with my friends. I love it when we agree, but I love it when we argue as well.

My professor of Negotiation and Mediation, Dr. Botes, used to say that “we need to actually look forward to conflicts, because through them humanity progresses” and I totally agree with him. Sometimes, arguments are unavoidable, and it is hard when you find that you are so different with someone you love, but then again magic happens out of the box. And don’t you just want to live magic?

Let us not to be afraid to argue with our loved ones. Who knows what new things may come up along the way?


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