What if you were 30 years old and you hadn’t seriously worked so far?

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

So, yes, there are those people whose life does not follow the plan of average course. Things happen and leave them numb or pointing to a totally different direction from what they expected.

I can’t imagine myself not working. But, the other day I met someone who did. She told me she occupied herself with herself since she was 30, planning on wedding her boyfriend, things did not go as planned and she needed a job. I helped her out with her cv and asked her questions; hard questions. “Is it going to be like this in the interviews?”, she asked me frightened.

“What do you really want to do with your life?” I asked her. She really did not know what to tell me.

So what if you did not do anything significant? Are you going to let your past define what you are going to do in the future? What if there is a wonderful opportunity for personal growth just around the corner? Will you refuse to go about it, just because you never crossed that corner before?

I ‘ld say take those lemons, make your lemonade and enjoy it…




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