What if you tried against all odds?

“It is better to have fight and lost, then never to have fight at all.” Finding a job is a real marathon nowadays. There are jobs that you think you can have, and you never get a phone call for an interview; there are those you get and the results are disappointing. For some jobs, you are under-qualified, for some, over-qualified and for those you are qualified for, the market seems to be at dead end.

Does the story sound familiar? The thing is you may come to see an ad that was posted from your favourite company and typically, it is way out of your league. What are you going to do? Are you going to give it a raincheck? Are you going to try and get in against all odds?

What if ?… What if you did not try? What if you did?… Could you afford not to try at all?  Could you afford to try and fail? Could you afford to try and win?

The choice is always in our hand…


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