What if your country was accused of saving people?

Greece has been accused by the E.U. management that actually does nothing to stop refugees from flooding in European states. They say that it needs to guard its borders, as if someone can guard the sea and guard it from what exactly, hundreds of people who come to our shores trying to save their lives from wars and destruction?

Is it the same Europe that half a century ago, was bleeding because of war and thousands of people were trying to find shelter from the menace and brutality of the Nazis’ regiments? Is it the same Europe that built a European Union of states so as to safeguard people’s rights for a better place in order wars and human wretchedness never to happen again?

Where is that Europe now? I can not think of a better response but to give asylum to people who had to pick up their whole lives in a plastic bag and flee in  haste to avoid the modern Nazis of their countries. Alas, the Nazis of the old regimen are not dead. They have dressed themselves in suits and try to impose their vulgar nuisance of “democratic laws” to the rest of us who still put people in the centre of our world.

My country is accused because it saves people. It is a country that once buried Socrates, Periklis, Kapodistrias. History has shown that even though people die, their noble ideas remain. What if we die? What if our legacy is something that you actually worth giving your life for?



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