What if you had to be separated from your parents?

Hundreds of children are separated from their homes and families because of wars. Even though humanity has had centuries of history of wars and injustice, it seems as though each generation starts illiterate of the dangers and the distractions such events cause.

Greece has had its history with refugees before back in 1922 when the distraction of Smyrna took place, and way back with the gorilla wars of NeoTurks Greeks and Armenians tried to find refugee in our country. Some of them managed to. Some didn’t and some were separated. In my neighbourhood, there lived a woman whose husband has been taken and she had to bring her four daughters alone. I once heard a story of a brother and a sister who got lost. The brother used to go to weddings because he loved watching happy people, about ten years after the time of his flee he went on a wedding to find that the bride was his long lost loving sister.

Life works in a mysterious way. If I had to be separated from my people physically, I would keep carrying them in my heart.


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