What if you loved yourself with all your heart and lived up to your standards?

Nowadays, with the financial crisis and the end of life as we knew it, people look at each other in panic and are ready to go and run the marathon to win the survival battle.

We failed to have a clearer prospect in the past, we fail to do that now. What are our standards, really? How is enjoying life? Would we really be happy if we had all the money in the world and had fun all day? Would we be satisfied with constant travelling free of attachments of any kind?

The answers varied as personalities do. But, the bottom line is this. Standards are the one who actually motivate us to achieve the best and the best lies hidden in everyday battle for doing good, being useful, live  meaningfully.

If you notice all happy  serene people, they actually have one thing in common. They live up to their standards. Cheers to those who made it! Cheers for those who try!


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