What if you went on a blind date without having an actual plan?

Expectations; a simple word that tortures us every day like a haunted ghost that lingers on our lives to suck our happiness.

Being in love is the #1 illusion people want to believe in and thus we try to do everything in our power to meet the one. Sometimes we even take the risk to go on a blind date. Then, a series of thoughts bombards us and we lose ourselves in agony. “How do I look?”, “What shall I wear?”, “What shall we say?”, “What if I don’t like him?”, “What if I do like him?” Expectations work like the carrot to the donkey and we keep moving on despite surprises. And we make plans about this and that…

In our various scenarios we forget to add one thing. To actually stop overthinking and plotting and really find out what the other person is all about. We make so many plans into our heads and we forget that life’s greatness hides in the unexpected. So let’s sit and enjoy the game of finding the personality’s aspects of the person who sits across our table.



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