What if we actually opened up empty buildings and gave homeless people a home?

I walk the streets of Athens. I see people who run to buy gifts for their loved ones, families going out to enjoy their Sunday, couples who look each other in the eyes and stroll hand in hand. And I loved it, it is a big console in my loneliness. But, my heart aches when I see people who sleep in the streets that after the law on paying the state for your own house, they seem to multiply by dozens daily.

And I feel immense sorrow. I do not have the power to help. And then I see these beautiful neoclassic building staring me empty, begging for some friendly touch to make them have life again and I keep asking myself. “What if? What if we just acted as humans and not as robots who collect material and then feel an emptiness beyond measure? Why can’t we just open them up and let people who are alone and live in the streets to be able to have a home again and a companion to this hard life?

How more meaningful our lives would be if we just were what we are supposed to be… human.


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