What if you have the chance to revive a childhood experience?

I loved summers at the children’s camp.But the summers I cherished the most were the ones I spent with my grandma. Back then, our island, Elafonisos, had white sand all over and it seemed as if someone has placed a small village in the desert. I loved the turquoise waters, the heat, and the kind eyes of my grandma that gave me the best hug I have yet experienced.

I remember one summer she has taken me to the mountains to collect oregano and we found a turtle. She laughed as I got scared. I had never seen a living turtle as I was born, grew up and lived in a city. We decided to take it in and my turtle lived in a box till the remains of my summer vacation. I remember my grandma giving me instructions as to how to take care of it. On my last day, she said it was time to set it free. We let it loose in a nearby garden and I still remember the little white box and feeling that I should not have kept the turtle at all. For my own vanity, the poor turtle has lost its freedom for some days.

My grandma said nothing. She looked at the turtle and smiled, sure that they would meet again…


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