What if you had an accident and you remained on wheelchair for the rest of your days?

We tend to take our lives for granted. And we complain that we do not have more and more and more. We have ended up becoming people of material and quantity instead of being grateful and cherish each moment that we are alive.

It is difficult to accept as great a change as losing your ability to stand in your own two feet. Or is it that you can actually stand for the first time in your own two feet when you are in a wheelchair? Mind you, it was not so serious as to go the hospital. It was however grave enough as to make me wonder how my life would have been if I ended up in a wheelchair. Given the fact that I am so energetic and I move around all the time, my life would definitely changed. But, suddenly, the most important goal of my whole existence  was my independence; my physical and financial independence. I started thinking of the infrastructure of my country and I completely got panicked. I started appreciating my health more and more each day. But just in case, the accident was severe, there would be only way for my being out there.

Be more loving and the best of all team players there is. Because the more you have friends around the better your life is.


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