What if you owned the best library in the world? Which ten books would you include?

Books are for me like water in the desert; vital and important the water of my spiritual life. I have wondered many times which friends I am to take with me on my journeys. Probably the most difficult decision I have to make each time. My true wish is to find the perfect shelter for me and for them… Who knows maybe one day. In the meantime I singled out my ten most precious jewels to take with me next time.

  1. “Eat that frog” by Brian Tracy; It helps me collect my scattered ideas and turned them into goals and actions.
  2. “The 7 habits of highly successful teenagers.” The best advice in print. It makes you look at yourself right in the eyes.
  3. “The gates of fire” by Stephen Pressfield. It reminds me of my favourite battle in our history books and gives human elements in the terrible landscape of war.
  4. “Japan and China” by Nikos Kazatzakis. A classic for the ones who seek the best free trip to the Far East.
  5. “Elegance” by Cathleen Tessaro. An ideal book to remind me that we really need to take a minute, evaluate our lives and go after what we want.
  6. “The Undomestic Goddess” Get out of the box and live your life. We only live once.
  7. “A room of one’s own” Yes, women can do it. We need to believe in ourselves and search for our own room.
  8. “The three little wolves” by Evgenios Trivizas. To feed the hope and the child in me.
  9. “The Present” by Spencer Johnson. It reminds us that we always need to cherish the present.
  10. My prayer book. Because in all those difficult times that people fail me, betray me and everything seems vain and hopeless, it never stops to give me strength.

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