What if you wrote your own message on the wall you faced for a year?

I have a saying up on my wardrobe that I face every morning.  On the sign three words: “Do it now.” It reminds me that it could be my last day, and I need to be cautious with my endless list; to make sure that I do what I need to do today.

But, today, when I woke up I saw my usual sign and thought that I concentrated on career and finance while I was putting it up. And I missed one great aspect of my life. Love. Yesterday, on a test I made, love showed up as my most important value. And it is funny. Even though I placed it high inside, outside, Ι have it on the very bottom.

I am sure that most people have felt betrayed at one point in their lives. For me, it was all people, even the most important ones. So I realized why bother with love, with waiting to be loved? So if I have to write something on the wall I would say….



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