What if we actually found the courage to follow up our laws?

Amid the turbulent times that Hellas faces, the constitution and laws hang in there as a spine of a body that slowly loses its strength. Politicians use their power to promote foreign interests, and load their banking accounts, while people steadily and gradually lose their home, hope and dignity.

I heard a very inspiring speech on you tube the other day by Emma Watson. “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?” Our laws have clearly stated that we recognize the genocide of Hellenism in the minor Asia and Pontus, the Armenians and the Assyrians during the rise of the Neoturks at the beginning of the previous century. Lately, imprisonment and a fine were added to the Greek law against people who do not recognize the historical fact.

Yet, the minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Nikos Filis denied the genocide. The law states clearly what should happen. Who is going to apply the law?

While all this were happening, the official government passed a law with which it sells the public property of our domestic airports.

If I knew what to do exactly so as to stop this, in God’s name, I would. I am only left with a virtual pen to tell the truth… How powerful is truth nowadays? …


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