What if you were the last one standing to defend what you love the most?

Dimitris Itsios was a simple soldier during the dramatic era of 1941 when Italians and Germans invaded Greece. He was placed at a fortress at the borders between modern Albania and Greece. The Germans surrounded them. But his fellow soldiers needed time to escape. One man with two friends managed to kill 232. He surrended only when he was left with no the bullets. When the German officer realized he was only one they talked about duties. The German officer shot him in cold blood.

I rarely remember the name of the soldier. But, I do remember the story. I have to use it many times, because in a world of values sold to the God of money and corruption, where you need to be part of the whole to be yourself, I feel that I have to stand alone for what I love the most. My values, my likes and dislikes, myself. Sometimes I think it is not even myself, it is my legacy that  I am fighting for. I want to be known for someone who just did not surrender till her last breath.


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