What if you lived as a character of your favourite book?

I love Sophie Kinsella’s books. They always make me laugh no matter how bad the day is. Most people know her because of Shopaholic and Becky. I know her from Samantha, a workaholic lawyer, who thinks she made one mistake and her whole world turns upside down. It was my first book of the author and Kinsella’s books became favourites ever since.

Deciding in which character’s shoes I would like to step in, is a troublesome dilemma. I love Samantha, but I could not see myself as a lawyer at any step of my life… Then it is Becky, my alter ego, but I wouldn’t go that far for fashion… It is also Lexi, but  I can not imagine myself cheat on my husband, no matter the circumstances… Poppy, on the other hand, seems so much like me and in the end she doesn’t marry the wrong guy. She seems promising… But, then, it is again that Twentie’s girl; Lara or Sadie or both. One is a living creature and the other one, a twentie’s girl that apparently has turned into a ghost… Oh my! It is a difficult decision to make.

Can’t Sophie write a book about a teacher, turned painter, turned capoerista, always a fashionista who decided to turn into copywriting only to explore her passions one more time, but seeing herself as a successful writer of children’s stories ?  … I wonder… What if?


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