What if we gave time to actually get to know people before we introduce them to our lives?

Day in and day out,  we, city dwellers, move in a hectic pace trying to catch up with daily trivial things telling ourselves that everything is important. In this havoc, relationships have gone through a new phase. The social media culture has starting to prevail and people feel that they know each other just by adding you as a friend in their account.

Where are these old good days when people actually meet and had long conversations and walks before they exchange some personal information? I miss those days. Back then, you had the chance to take your time, be observant and build a relationship step by step ending up with meaningful liaisons that lasted for a life time.

In the field of personal relationships, things now are tragic. It feels like playing a part in a teen movie where something starts in a hurry and ends up faster. I am not that easy a conversationalist. I can not be actually. It is not me. It is my brain. Even if I wanted to, my mind is trained to take its time to observe and to absorb things. I ask a lot of questions and I do not let someone entering my life unless they have gained my trust. So, good luck!


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