What if you could actually carry your wings in a bag?

The clock is ticking and the precious time flies while you are in a zone of constant explosions with gazillions things in your mind and in your to do list. When such occasions arrive, I always end up thinking “what if I could just fly from one place to another?’

After I saw the movie Captain America the Soldier of Winter, my fantasy materialized in the device of “falcon”, a mechanical pair of wings coming out of a back pack. I have been obsessed ever since with the idea of what if…

My whole life would be different. I could actually have the time to fly early on the mountains, breath the fresh air and then return to the city, refreshed and ready to seize the day. I would not have to ride a bus or a car or a taxi. The closest thing to absolute freedom, the closest thing to heaven.

Until then, I will always look forward to ride on the back of the motorcycle of the only man I would choose to share my wings with…


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