What if you had a scoundrel at your workplace?

Don’t you just feel annoyed by all the people who want to erase the smile off your face through mean comments? I do. Sometimes though, the situation is more severe and you have certain people in your workplace that want to harm you.

I wish I knew what I know now a year ago… If I had a scoundrel in my workplace, the best medicine to deal with him/ her would be love. If we love ourselves the shield is so great that we radiate positivity and serenity. And all harm stays away. The thing is it does take an effort to stay positive when you feel you are been thrown knives from all over the place, to stay calm amidst  the fire burning all around you.

We need to find an inner strength beyond us and within us. Praying helps me. Capoeira helps me. But above all, the question what is truly meaningful in life helps me.


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