What if you became a vigilante?

I grew up having two heroes; Zorro and Robin Hood. I did not know the word “vigilante” until I was an adult and watched the movie Daredevil. I always thought my two favourite men to be humanists and rebels in their own credit. So for me it was only natural to fight the “evil guys”.

I used to take a stick and pretend to fence and save people miming Zorro and Robin Hood and till this very day I haven’t missed a film with them that I had not watched. Later on, this attitude translated into my becoming a volunteer. I still witness injustice and even though my mind is always defending the right, I can not imagine myself being a vigilante. If I became one I would have a more high tech profile and borrow the wings of Icarus from the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I can not really think of how I would use my wings,  but I certainly would make trips all around the world trying to save people.

Ah.. If only I could…


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