What if the evil was good and the good was evil?

Many battles in history happened just  to defend the righteousness of a certain group or a certain leader. Machiavelli in his prince wrote that “the end justifies the means” and a lot of people were moved by this creed.

That phrase always bothered me. I found it hard to come up with an equivalent that would demonstrate my beliefs the best way possible.

Recently, I found the answer. Or to be correct was given to me by a spiritual person. He told me ” The good is not good if it is not done the proper way.” We have the tendency to believe that what we know as good is surely good. Yet, sometimes, it is accompanied with a lot of pain and mistakes turning out completely different than its original intention.

What is evil? What is good? Before we make sure we know we need to stop and think of our actions consequences, because sometimes the best intentions are just not enough.


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