What if you could actually go away and watch the starry skies only for a night?

I had the opportunity to go away for the weekend. It took me around 14 hours to go and return but… the starry night, the majestic sounds of nature and the smell of herbs that filled my centre compensated me for all the trouble.

First of all, I had the chance to be with myself and my thoughts alone after a long time. In the noisy city, the rapid rhythm of life and the constant pressure of chasing your dreams you rarely have the chance to just relax and take a breath.

Secondly, once we are close to nature we feel as if our life finds its true meaning again…

So, if I could actually have the chance to repeat the whole weekend again just to be able to face the manifestation of nature in all its glory, I would go without any hesitation even just for one night.


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