What if you decided to defy social norms?

“Defying social norms” could be the title of my memoirs. I defy the norms for the liberals; I defy the norms for the conservatives as well. I have been characterized various labels just because I seek balance in my life and I choose beliefs and attitudes that serve my values and my ideals.

If we filter things instead of acting either as no question asked devotees or as defiants with an ars gratia artis attitude, we manage to take the responsibility of our actions and we grow more mature and more aware of everything that surrounds us.

But defying social norms is difficult you need to have a good relationship with yourself because in the end if you defy just to defy than you are making another social norm and get trapped to it.


One thought on “What if you decided to defy social norms?

  1. The King says:

    The numbers do not have it right. Individuality is key. Building a strong set of values and a fundamental belief system and standing by them no matter what, is an attitude worth pursuing. Do not give into the norm. Do not conform. But do not be reactive either. Your resistance must come from the internal struggle, of having a different frame of reference, not just fighting to invalidate everything and everyone at any given opportunity.


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