What if you became a character of your favourite fairy tale in real life?

The “Pied Piper of Hamelin” is by far my favourite fairy tale. I love the idea of being able to seduce the mind and senses with your music, which is why I always thought that musicians are people with mystical powers who walk around us just to enhance our lives and wrapped us up in an atmosphere of intense feelings. And I admire them immensely for it.

If I get the chance to be the Piper of Hamelin I would love to be able to enchant people feel love and work all together for a better future. I can see politicians getting off their chairs and mingle with the workers building new monuments of human progress. I am not so sure whether I would adopt his pied outwear though.

My only worry would be as to the time this magical picture lasts. Because, when the spells are broken, alas, I am afraid humanity will go on to its usual self…


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