What if you danced tango under the full moon?

An element of mystical forces rise in each full moon. People tend to experience emotions in the full spectrum and special events take place to honour the natural phenomenon. Tango your way to the moon and liberating sensuality at its best was a long dream of mine.

Even though I tend to dance all latin dances the minute I hear the music, tango confuses me. It is a dance I completely surrender to, or rather I surrender to my partner. I have absolutely no idea how to take a further step listening to the music, while I listen to the rhythm. It is as if it leaves you no space for mistakes. Each step is part of a ritual and I have no choice, but to give in and fall into the unknown movements my partner thinks of.

The poor damsel in distress seeks refugee and the moon smiles as if it knows there is no actual choice when dancing tango under the full moon.


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